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"We aim at meeting a Client’s needs of manpower requirements
while putting a Candidate to a right career placement & development

The Right Talent in the Right Post."
Our Solutions

The key to success of a business is granted to be the talents that a company possesses. You may agree that a team of qualitative staff is of the most value of a corporation. Among this fierce commercial world, the best way to expand your business growth is to hire & retain quality talents.

For this, CTL will be your passionate and professional partner on the path of recruiting real talents. We will be your SOLUTION.

CTL’s objective is simple. You make requests, CTL does the rest. Our professions in offering Talent Recruitment Solutions (TRS) and HR Management Solutions (HRMS) provide you with premium services in Hong Kong and regions in Mainland China.

Talent Recruitment Solutions (TRS)

Our team of recruitment specialists is dedicated to place the RIGHT Talent on the RIGHT Position that makes the greatest impact to your business; this is our mission and value. We are experienced in manipulating outsourced recruitment process in a professional way. Customized, elastic and well-designed tailor made services are what we provide.

HR Management Solutions (HRMS)

We documented varies ways to create business value through providing strategic management recommendations of the workforces. There is a wide range of customized services we provided to boost up the talent management in individual business units. Our HR Management consultants will generate solutions for you.